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Experian IdentityWorks offers two types of plans, Plus and Premium. With the Plus plan, you’ll find a focus on credit monitoring features, with Dark Web Surveillance as the predominant identity protection feature. Once you move up to the Premium plan, you have the added benefits of more in-depth identity monitoring. The Premium plan includes: • Dark Web Surveillance • Lost Wallet Assistance • Identity Theft Monitoring and Alerts • Social Security Number Monitoring • Address Change Verification • Bank Account & Credit Card Takeovers • Identity Validation Alerts • Sex Offender Registry Monitoring • Social Network Monitoring • Experian CreditLock • 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring • FICO Scores • FICO Score Simulator • Credit Score Tracking Something to note, the same credit-based features are offered on the Plus and Premium plan. However, on the Plus plan you’ll receive solely Experian data, while upgrading to the Premium plans mean you’ll have data from all three credit bureaus. Unsurprisingly, the credit focused features that Experian IdentityWorks offers are a cut above the competition. Directly from your member dashboard, you can lock and unlock your Experian credit file using Experian CreditLock. Additionally, IdentityWorks provides information about your FICO score, which is the number traditionally used by creditors when you apply to take out a personal, home, or car loan. These are two competitive features that you won’t find elsewhere. Once you’re signed up, the member dashboard is jam packed with useful consumer information. It will take some time to set up your profile and enter the personal information you’d like to be monitored. It will also take some time to dig in to the initial report for each identity monitoring benefit. Even if no threat or alert worthy information has been found, a “report” will be generated that you’ll be prompted to click in to. While this takes some time and effort to get acquainted with, there is plenty of educational information presented to you along the way that makes the process worth it. However, if you’re short on time, the member dashboard may find it difficult to understand the status of your identity protection at a glance.


Whether you’re looking to protect yourself or your entire family, Experian likely has a plan for you. All plans begin with a 30-day free trial, and then renew at a regular monthly price. To protect an individual on the Plus plan, the cost is $9.99 per month. To protect an individual on the Premium plan, the cost is $19.99 per month.

Support and Customer Service

If you require assistance, Experian IdentityWorks Customer Service can be reached by phone Monday through Friday from 6am-8pm PST, and Saturday and Sunday from 8am-5pm PST. If you’d like to be assisted through online chat, customer service can be reached Monday through Friday from 6am-8pm PST. Experian IdentityWorks is one of the few companies that offers online chat as a support channel. Alongside interactive options, Experian IdentityWorks also offers a robust self-service customer support option with plenty of resources, which you can access right from your member dashboard. Our experience reaching out to Experian IdentityWorks’ customer service was a bit bumpy. When we tried to utilize the online chat option, we were told several times that all agents were currently busy and prompted to try again later. From there, we called customer service. After a recorded greeting, you’re immediately asked to say or enter your social security number. Then, you’re required to navigate multiple robo-menus that will try to identify and solve your problem before connecting you to a customer service representative. The total duration of the call was about 4 minutes, with only 2 of those minutes spent talking to an actual person. Despite these speed bumps, customer service was able to answer our question and provide the information we were looking for.


What truly adds value to a membership with Experian IdentityWorks is their top of the line credit monitoring. While the Premium plan touts some identity protection features, there’s nothing that makes Experian stand out from the crowd. We’d recommend the Experian IdentityWorks Plus plan as a good fit for someone looking for credit monitoring, and the Premium plan as decent value for someone who wants to add on some identity protection features for a reasonable price. While it isn’t the most complete protection package on the market, the abundance of resources and direct access to your Experian credit file makes Experian IdentityWorks worth your consideration.

Customer Reviews For Experian

Hannah Coonfare - 5 months ago

Im just running in circles trying to get a hold of someone. I never started a subscription but for the last two month 29.99 has been taken put of my account!

Karen Stine - 5 months ago

I've been trying to contact them for 3 days and cannot get a human. I am cancelling

E Gonzalez - 6 months ago

Their is a contact number to call but you can't get hold to a human and you have to enter all your important information but still no one yo can talk . No customer service. I purchase some kind of credit monitoring because someone is opening a bank account using my Identity and they convince me to buy a protection plan from them the cheapest $16.00 a month not even a completete protection and if you want to go more protection for everything you have to buy the premium plan. I tried to call the phone that they given me if I decide to cancel no human you can communicate. And in their online their is no cancellation information only you have to call but they have information to upgrade to premium protection . It's very frustrating.

Cameron - 7 months ago

Terrible company. Impossible to contact a person. Don't use Experian EVER.

sara - 11 months ago

there is no contact number to talk to this people , any number i call no live person i don't like it

Leo Beck - 1 year ago

Experian was hacked in 2017. They did a bad job protecting credit info. Do you really want to pay them to protect you?

Britt Thompson - 1 year ago

The mobile app fails to load my dashboard. The support script does not address technical issues and trying to get a real person on the phone is impossible. It gives you the option but ultimately just hangs up on you.

Randy Brummette - 1 year ago

It is impossible to get through to a human on the phone without entering your social security number......just impossible. I had to mail them a letter just to cancel my account. I switched to identity guard.....much more responsive.

M.Anderson - 1 year ago

One of the worst online credit monitoring programs. In partnership with USAA but no longer.Has been asked to follow up on an issue for over a month and does nothing. USAA did nothing about the matter. Was paying $9 for service and now increased to $19. Shame. On phone waits up to an hour, lack of follow through, CEO does nothing to ensure his company is top rated. Except I noticed this site is giving Experian a 4.5 though all comments on this site suggest a much lower score.

Dave P - 1 year ago

Wow! I am considering identity theft protection as a result of a recent situation - these reviews do not convince me that experian is the way to go.

Nancy - 1 year ago

I'm very disappointed at how many emails I get from them every single day encouraging me to open new credit cards. And now today I get an email about getting a cash loan for the holidays. This is a conflict of interest to me and I am troubled by it. I guess that they are getting kickbacks on these items otherwise why are they so relentless. I mean I get them every day. No exaggeration. Also, my FICO from them has gone down for no reason at least 3 times. But the other two have stayed the same or improved. Coinciding with this is the new offer to start entering in my utility bills to help give my FICO a boost. Really? What's in it for them? I am here looking for another monitoring option without all the promotions trying to lead me into more credit. Shameful.

THindin - 1 year ago

Accessing someone to speak with is wasteful especially when you are asked to give your ssn to a recording. Fraud dept was not very helpful and membership could not speak english clearly.

Virginia Bauer - 1 year ago

They are the worst!! I am trying to unfreeze my account and am having difficulty and NO ONE can help me!!!

Myra Watts - 1 year ago

A couple of weeks ago I tried to login and access my credit report and was not able to because there was a problem with my username. I received a prompt that my username would be emailed to me to the following email address. I knew based on the first 2 characters shown that it was not my email address. I called and spoke to someone to have it fixed. Long story short, she said they would send me an email to verify it’s me making the request. I explained to her that I will not get the email because someone has changed my email address. Obviously they are not following their own procedure. I tried calling back a few times but have not been able to reach a live voice.

rlivy@mac.com - 1 year ago

It is truly an "infinite do-loop" You can never get to a real person to get real information. And they wonder why they get no recommendations....provide a phone number with a real person at the other end of the line.


  • $1M Identity Theft Insurance
  • 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Monthly Credit Score
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Hi-Risk Transaction Monitoring
  • Bank Account Takeover Monitoring
  • SSN Alias Watch
  • Social Insight Report
  • Safe Web Browsing Extension
  • Online Identity Dashboard
  • Mobile Application

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