LifeLock Review

When thinking about identity theft protection, LifeLock tends to be top of mind. They weave together a robust list of features alongside readily available support and customized protection.


Features and Services

LifeLock offers 3 tiers of identity protection (Standard, Advantage, and Ultimate Plus) with more features included as you move up in plan type. All 3 plans offer:

  • US Based Restoration Team
  • SSN and Credit Alerts
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • USPS Address Change Verification
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • LifeLock Privacy Monitoring
  • Credit Monitoring of 1-3 Bureaus

  • If you enroll in Ultimate Plus, the highest equipped and most recommended plan, you’ll have access to additional features such as:

  • Alerts on Crimes Committed in Your Name
  • Data Breach Notifications
  • Annual Credit Reports
  • Sex Offender Registry Reports
  • Priority Live Member Support

  • As a LifeLock member, you possess a high amount of control over what you’d like to be alerted about, and how. You can receive alerts about account activity via email, call, or text and decide exactly what kind of information you do or do not want to be notified about. This kind of personalization is hard to find with other products, and its inclusion acknowledges that one size fits all isn’t the best fit when it comes to something as personal as identity protection. While it will take some time to set up your LifeLock account and alert preferences, it’s smooth sailing once you do.

    LifeLock strikes a comfortable balance between useful, action-oriented features and educational information, especially where the area of credit scores and reports are concerned. Opening up your user dashboard, LifeLock provides fast and easy to understand reasons for your credit score. Just below this, you’re able to learn about freezing your credit or contact the credit bureaus to freeze your credit. Below that, you can review any hard inquiries in to your credit or report an inaccuracy to the reporting bureau. This structure leaves you feeling confident that, in a stressful situation where your credit may be called in to question, you can get the information you need and take the appropriate actions, all from one page.

    Alongside LifeLock, you can also opt in to Norton Security services to secure your computer and devices from instances of malware, spyware, and online threats. In theory, this is an addition to your identity protection package that should be a no brainer.

    However, to protect your online searches and web activity with their browser extension, it’s required to make Norton Safe Search your default search provider, default web browser homepage, and default new tab page. We found this to be rather intrusive to every day web browser use, and overall, didn’t find it to add much value to the LifeLock package.


    LifeLock offers 3 tiers of protection plans (Standard, Advantage, and Ultimate Plus), each including a growing number of features as you move up in plan type, as well as a larger reimbursement for stolen funds if you’re the victim of identity theft.

    The Standard plan costs $9.99 per month for your first year and includes reimbursement of up to $25,000 for stolen funds. The Advantage plan costs $19.99 per month for your first year and includes reimbursement of up to $100,000 for stolen funds. Lastly, the Ultimate Plus plan costs $29.99 per month for your first year and includes reimbursement of up to $1 million for stolen funds.

    Each of these plans covers 1 individual and renews after your first year at $5 more per month. Paying for an entire year will garner you a 16% discount in overall price. And if you’re interested in protecting your family, you can add a LifeLock Junior subscription for your children, or a LifeLock Senior subscription to protect your parents or in-laws.

    Support and Customer Service

    If you need assistance and the self-service support options aren’t answering your questions, LifeLock can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling their Support team.

    Additionally, you can send a message to the Support team directly through the LifeLock mobile app. They state that typically, responses can take up to 24 hours, but we received answers to our questions within 10-15 minutes.


    LifeLock provides healthy identity theft protection alongside a customized member experience. It’s versatile defense that has the ability to be a great fit for almost anyone, and is not to be skipped in your considerations for identity theft protection.

    If you opt for LifeLock, we recommend opting out of Norton Security. Due to the intrusive and disruptive nature of Norton’s protection, there are better options on the market that you can use to secure your device and protect your web browsing.

    Customer Reviews For LifeLock

    Eddie Goodman - 3 months ago

    When I first purchased LifeLock over 10 years ago they were on spot. If I applied for a new Credit Card I got a phone call to make sure it was indeed me initiating the activity. Since July I have purchased a new home, applied for several different Credit Cards, and most recently purchased a new car, all without a single notification from lifelock, so I called their Customer Support team to find out what I was paying for and was greeted by someone who could barely speak English so I politely asked to speak to a different rep and was told there was no one else I could speak to. So I told them I would just call back, So on call 2 I get another rep this one was harder to understand than the first one. They never did get a grasp on what I was calling about and just kept telling me that if my information was compromised that I had lifelock to pay for recovery. When I bought lifelock I bought it as a proactive service not a reactive service. I am completely disappointed with the service they are providing now and it is not the same service I signed up for all those years ago. Looking for other solutions now

    Donna Abel - 3 months ago

    2 hours on the telephone and they were unable to assist me in accessing my new account. I canceled my service after one day.

    Karen Dieckhoff - 3 months ago

    Never have had a more frustrating experience than dealing with this company. Called to cancel one person who passed away, get a refund for that premium and continue my account. Seems simple enough - not. the first agent I talked to was hard to understand and I am not sure he understood me either. He said he had arranged for what I requested. I then received an e-mail that was to my husband who had passed over one year ago that said my coverage had been cancelled. I tried to get into our account, but it no longer worked. I called again and the 2nd agent said that since my husband was the first name on the account, all had to be cancelled and refunded and I would have to start over. What a waste of time. Now I must continue to check for how much if any is refunded and may have to contact them again. Horrible experience. Will definately find another service to provide identity protection.

    David Charp - 4 months ago

    Before I renewed for the highest coverage again, I tried to find out from the company if they have ever even paid out the higher insurance coverage. After my question was bounced around from one person and department to the next, I was finally told that is privileged information, not available. So, if one were to even continue with the company, how does one know if the higher coverage (and yearly costs) are needed?

    Rober Gowen - 4 months ago

    Spoke with 2 different reps concerning why I recieved no notice when I bought a new vehicle over the labor day weekend. I had applied and was pre-approved from my bank for up to $55,000.00 and also from the Vehicle Mfg. finance company for the same amount. The reps stated that it probable because the bank and finance company were not in their database. (USAA and Toyota). Also when I upgraded a camper earlier in the year and refinanced for the ugrade.....again no notification. The bank is listed in my info with Lifelock yet not their fault....It is the "Vendor". My bank earlier in the year caught someone trying to use a credit card and another time when someone tried to open a credit card. Why am I paying them then????

    Kim Burris - 4 months ago

    Well, everything was going along very smoothly until for some unknown reason, our account was canceled this my month- they said my debit card didn't work even though there was plenty of $$ in checking/savings accounts. When I was notified by email, I called back in to get this resolved. Well, after 3+ hours they got my account set back up, supposedly like it was before. Well, we tried to activate our Norton like we had with our prior plan, but it said we didn't have that on our plan at the time. So, I called back in, and the bottom line is they couldn't give me back the Norton, which was one of the benefits we enjoyed- getting coverage for our computers and Smart phones. Well, after over an hour on the phone with an Asian girl answering Security questions, and having realized they charged my debit card for one month of the basic plan when we were supposed to get on month free for both of our plans that we were upgrading since we are in the market to purchase a home- she kept telling me there were no fees collected when I could see them on my bank account... funny how they weren't showing up on their end. After getting SO FRUSTRATED, I told the girl we just wanted to cancel our account, that we were tired of getting the run-around. The Asian girl wanted to put in an Incident report to get the issue resolved, but that was going to take several days, and we were done with the whole process... I'm not sure what started this cancelation, but beware... the cancel you before they contact you to see if something is going on with your card on file. I know the emails are probably automatically sent, but does no one work there that cares about it's customers anymore? Reading these other reviews, sounds like I'm not the 1st and definitely won't be the last to get smart and walk away.. BTW-- I called again and was told I should get my $9.05 refund in the next 10 business days. I'm not holding my breath- would you? I can do a chargeback with my back. SMH- they took what wasn't wrong and broke it.

    Susan Murphy - 5 months ago

    OMG.... Have been on the phone for days... Why on earth would LifeLock join hands with this company. They cannot communicate in English and are completely unsuccessful at remedying any of your issues. We pay for the premium service and the only thing premium about it is their consistent inability to resolve ANYTHING...

    Charles Oestreicher - 5 months ago

    I have never seen Customer Service so bad. I was on the phone for over three hours trying to resolve my problem with many different people all of whom spoke poor English. And to top it off the last incompetent representative disconnected me so I had to start over. I would strongly encourage anyone who is looking for identify protection services to NOT use Lifelock. Judging by the other comments I am not the only one with this experience.

    Mike Sherman - 6 months ago

    I just poured a stiff drink after talking with two different Life Lock agents and chatting with another. What a horrible experience. Thus, I am on the internet finding alternative options. I regret my membership just renewed a few weeks ago and they already have my money.

    Shay Packer - 6 months ago

    Could not understand the customer support person's English....and I am excellent with languages. 30 minutes of answering security questions only to be told she couldn't help me unless I upgraded to the 29.99 service. The other services only keep one's banking and all person al data.

    Sarah - 6 months ago

    Really BAD customer service now that LifeLock is owned by Symantec. Offshore (Philippines) customer service locations with staff who can barely communicate in English and who do not understand even the most basic questions. I didn't call with an ID theft issue but only to verify a rather suspicious email that purportedly was sent by LifeLock (red flag was internal link was broken though the return email address was correct). Trying to speak with a supervisor was frustrating and unsuccessful plus LONG holds. I canceled my membership - and my credit union has the SAME protections as LifeLock and even MORE than LifeLock and is only $4 a month. LifeLock INCREASED its monthly fee but DECREASED its customer service. I'm SO out of there!

    Clay Campbell - 6 months ago

    LifeLock is a complete scam. I changed my address two months ago and never received an alert. I applied for a brand new line of credit on a brand new home over two months ago and never received an alert. I called, and they said they don't monitor some institutions. Citibank isn't big enough for them? Request a full refund and they don't blink, because they know they are commiting a crime every day.

    Lloyd G Thomas - 6 months ago

    I tried this service before, and it was a very complicated request; especially speaking about privacy matters over the phone: pretty hard to explain when one has intellectual and development disadvantages, only to be left without additional support! i gave them what was needed , only for them to forward information to unknown sources. giving information over the phone and website may have not been secured! i used this website to address my history to reveal my legal matter and needs of assistance, i got turned away and unleashed my own history for others to see. what a way to place personal information for not understanding my disability and issues related to they're profile obtained via, phone and other sources of contact . i even used my own benefits to apply for this type of protection, seems like the system didn't complete they're trial. lifelock needs additional pre-screening and monitoring techniques; it's difficult for one like me to understand being denioed, sometimes i open up too much for all to see, only to be proven wrong

    Glenn - 7 months ago

    I have been a member for a few years. Suddenly in Sept. -2019 I began receiving emails and texts that an account was setup in my name - but I became very suspicious of the activity since they gave me the number of 1-800- 693-1134 - I checked the Internet and found it was a bogus number. I called Lifelock on their Internet number and like others, received a person in some foreign country I could not understand. When I told him what happen he stated, they never had a problem before ever - I said NOT - I know of people who have encountered the same problems as I did. They - the enemy - creates web pages that look just like LifeLock - I ask him what he is going to do about it - his comment - I will make a note of it. Lifelock can't even protect itself. Terrible organization. They will hound you with text messages and emails - but it is not LifeLock - be very careful who you talk to and who you give information. It's almost like if you enroll in LifeLock you're setting yourself up for being hacked and having your ID stolen, credit cards in your name and the like.

    Todd R - 7 months ago

    2 hours and 9 different people before I could cancel. The original operator made several mistakes. I started doing the application online and it crashed. This company outsources its service and I could not understand anyone. Horror Movie! I eventually cancelled after a few hours. Stay away.


    • $1M Identity Theft Insurance
    • Credit Monitoring
    • Dark Web Monitoring
    • Bank Account Takeover Monitoring
    • SSN Alias Watch
    • 24/7 365 Support
    • Dedicated Case Managers
    • Online Identity Dashboard
    • Mobile Application

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