LifeLock Review

When thinking about identity theft protection, LifeLock tends to be top of mind. They weave together a robust list of features alongside readily available support and customized protection.


Features and Services

LifeLock offers 3 tiers of identity protection (Standard, Advantage, and Ultimate Plus) with more features included as you move up in plan type. All 3 plans offer:

  • US Based Restoration Team
  • SSN and Credit Alerts
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • USPS Address Change Verification
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • LifeLock Privacy Monitoring
  • Credit Monitoring of 1-3 Bureaus

  • If you enroll in Ultimate Plus, the highest equipped and most recommended plan, you’ll have access to additional features such as:

  • Alerts on Crimes Committed in Your Name
  • Data Breach Notifications
  • Annual Credit Reports
  • Sex Offender Registry Reports
  • Priority Live Member Support

  • As a LifeLock member, you possess a high amount of control over what you’d like to be alerted about, and how. You can receive alerts about account activity via email, call, or text and decide exactly what kind of information you do or do not want to be notified about. This kind of personalization is hard to find with other products, and its inclusion acknowledges that one size fits all isn’t the best fit when it comes to something as personal as identity protection. While it will take some time to set up your LifeLock account and alert preferences, it’s smooth sailing once you do.

    LifeLock strikes a comfortable balance between useful, action-oriented features and educational information, especially where the area of credit scores and reports are concerned. Opening up your user dashboard, LifeLock provides fast and easy to understand reasons for your credit score. Just below this, you’re able to learn about freezing your credit or contact the credit bureaus to freeze your credit. Below that, you can review any hard inquiries in to your credit or report an inaccuracy to the reporting bureau. This structure leaves you feeling confident that, in a stressful situation where your credit may be called in to question, you can get the information you need and take the appropriate actions, all from one page.

    Alongside LifeLock, you can also opt in to Norton Security services to secure your computer and devices from instances of malware, spyware, and online threats. In theory, this is an addition to your identity protection package that should be a no brainer.

    However, to protect your online searches and web activity with their browser extension, it’s required to make Norton Safe Search your default search provider, default web browser homepage, and default new tab page. We found this to be rather intrusive to every day web browser use, and overall, didn’t find it to add much value to the LifeLock package.


    LifeLock offers 3 tiers of protection plans (Standard, Advantage, and Ultimate Plus), each including a growing number of features as you move up in plan type, as well as a larger reimbursement for stolen funds if you’re the victim of identity theft.

    The Standard plan costs $9.99 per month for your first year and includes reimbursement of up to $25,000 for stolen funds. The Advantage plan costs $19.99 per month for your first year and includes reimbursement of up to $100,000 for stolen funds. Lastly, the Ultimate Plus plan costs $29.99 per month for your first year and includes reimbursement of up to $1 million for stolen funds.

    Each of these plans covers 1 individual and renews after your first year at $5 more per month. Paying for an entire year will garner you a 16% discount in overall price. And if you’re interested in protecting your family, you can add a LifeLock Junior subscription for your children, or a LifeLock Senior subscription to protect your parents or in-laws.

    Support and Customer Service

    If you need assistance and the self-service support options aren’t answering your questions, LifeLock can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling their Support team.

    Additionally, you can send a message to the Support team directly through the LifeLock mobile app. They state that typically, responses can take up to 24 hours, but we received answers to our questions within 10-15 minutes.


    LifeLock provides healthy identity theft protection alongside a customized member experience. It’s versatile defense that has the ability to be a great fit for almost anyone, and is not to be skipped in your considerations for identity theft protection.

    If you opt for LifeLock, we recommend opting out of Norton Security. Due to the intrusive and disruptive nature of Norton’s protection, there are better options on the market that you can use to secure your device and protect your web browsing.

    Customer Reviews For LifeLock

    Marilyn Rosenthal - 5 months ago

    Horrible customer service. I paid for priority line and I end up in the same line with everyone else. Long waiting time and worst of all, almost all of their reps speak heavily accented English and really don't understand complicated English at all. they claim to be US based, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were based elsewhere. Then, when asking for a supervisor, most of the time, their English is awful too. Very disappointed. Aside from their level of communication, their skill set is underwhelming. Really very unhelpful.

    Dave - 6 months ago

    These people are the absolute worst. I was a member for 10 years and cancelled in 2016. I just discovered they have been charging me the whole time. This company is the worst. If you really dig down into what they do for you its not much. It is very expensive now as you used to get 1m dollars worth of attorney coverage for $170 a year. The people you deal with are EXTREMELY unprofessional and every time you ask a question they put you on hold. Even after you cancel you dont get an email notice which basically means they dont cancel. I would never dream of recommending this to anyone.

    R Hisaw - 6 months ago

    ZERO service, phone calls go to a foreign country REALLY. no safety. How about American jobs. What happen???????????

    Bob Lingane - 7 months ago

    They suck. Notify me that there are questions about a payment. When I try to log on to the site, I am notified that my sign in is incorrect. I have been signing in with the same user and password for seven years. I am concerned than my accounts may be wiped out by the time I get an answer to my unanswered sign ins and my calls. They have foreigners on the phone and I cannot understand them because of their accents which I am not accustomed to hearing. They also raised my credit card monthly credit card deductions without notice.

    Jerry Junkins - 9 months ago

    No customer service!! Every call from any of the listed phone numbers on the web site is directed to a call center in a foreign country and these people are totally incompetent and clueless and can not help with the simplest questions about your account. 3 phone calls in one day and 3 hours on the phone and could not get a simple question answered. These people are scripted and if it isn't in their script they can't help your. I was not allowed to speak to another agent or a manager or supervisor. How can I trust a company like this with my Identity security. I can't imagine what would happen if I had a serious problem. You can not talk to a real agent at the company the only people you can talk to are these call center people in foreign countries that have a difficult time understanding English and they are extremely rude. I was a member for several years but canceled my plan yesterday after those three calls.

    Alfred Del Mastro - 9 months ago


    Maribel Grayson - 9 months ago

    I can't even begin to express how aggravated I am with this company. I have been trying to add my husband and my son to my plan for 2 days. The first day I waited one hour before they answered. I understand Covid and all. Then after an additional hour of trying to activate my husband the rep was not able to do it. Due to some kind of computer error message. I called back the next day to just add my husband and without exaggeration I talked to 3 different reps one after the other. No kidding and not by choice. Each rep ‘after’ going through all the security questions with each of us, and after trying again to add him, indicated they were going to TRANSFER me to someone that could help. And ‘each and every single time’ I ended up back at the beginning of the queue (FML)! None of them could get a supervisor on the line. I am calling back today to cancel my membership.

    Ted Hart - 9 months ago

    My nightmare began on March 7th when I received notification from LifeLock that they had lost contact with one of my monitored financial account – an account that contains most of my retirement funds. I have had this ‘disconnect’ problem in the past with several accounts (which is concern in itself because this disconnection problem is not fault of the financial institutional and leaves key accounts vulnerable). So, as in the past I would immediately log into LifeLock and reconnect. On this occasion, however, after I logged on successfully, I was presented with a blank screen – no options to do anything, including takingr corrective action so I was unable to reconnect LifeLock with the orphaned account. I immediately called the LifeLock Technical Support Center. That began a series of SIX sessions over a period of SIX days: Many hours on hold (at least 15 hours), six case studies were created as I got passed from one ‘expert’ to another. Finally, I got to the right tech support person who corrected the problem within hours. No one should ever be put through this agony by this company that is supposed to be the Gold Standard of the industry. I sent a certified letter to the CEO, Scott Taylor where I carefully documented the ordeal. That letter was received on March 19th. Now, almost a month later, I have not received a response, not even an acknowledgement of this serious complaint. I am now scared that I would receive this same shoddy service if my identity protection is actually breached and I have to rely on LifeLock to resolve. When my contract expires, I will definitely not renew.

    Blanca Rodriguez - 10 months ago

    Yesterday I was cancelled for no reason. After being a member for so long for them to do this is beyond me. I've been trying to get an answer from anyone there and no one knows why? I asked to speak to a Supervisor and he wouldn't come talk to me. They have the worst service ever. After talking to 5 different folks yesterday to try to find an answer I was finally disconnected, the last person I spoke with was (Queen). She kept putting me on hold to try to find out with her Supervisor on why I couldn't be reinstated with the same fees that I held for years. They couldn't provide an answer found it easier to disconnected me. They had my number but didn't even bother to call me back. All I asked was why did you cancel me, no explanation, than I asked can they reinstate me with the same annual fees we had and they said no. I purposely think they did this so that I get off the discount rate I was on and pay the higher end. What a nasty way to treat folks that have been loyal customer for years. Please be careful when you sign up with them..or need to speak to a higher end, they hide and won't come forward to help you. Do some research much better companies out there.

    Denise Jolly - 11 months ago

    I have never been so frustrated dealing with customer service in my life. All I wanted to do was to upgrade my Lifelock plan to include Norton 360. Would you believe it took 20 agents and over 19 hours over a span of weeks just to try to do that? What made it so frustrating is that after speaking to one agent they would put me on hold to talk with someone else and after waiting on hold for over an hour, my call gets dropped and I had to call in again and start completely over with a new agent doing the whole conversation again.....including being transferred and put on hold for over an hour again! My calls were dropped at least 8 times! I can't tell you how many times in those 19 hours over a period of weeks that they would start a case number where the agent would leave notes b/c he/she could not resolve this issue and I would have to call back again within 3 days or the case number basically disappears b/c it is only good for 3 days and I would be right back at square one. I have had at least 5 case numbers and the last time one was created I was told to call back within 3 days. Then I left a bad review and I got a call from someone at Lifelock/Norton and they told me how sorry they were and that they were going to call me back in the next 3 or 4 days and get everything straightened out and not to worry. Well, that guy never called back again and so my case number was...….yep! totally worthless since it had been over 3 days b/c I waited on him to call back. I was in tears several times and thought I was literally going to lose my mind. The absolute worst customer service ever! If this company has this much trouble upgrading my service adding Norton 360 to my lifelock acct how are they are supposed to protect my identity? REALLY? Ever since this happened I have not felt like they are capable of protecting me and I plan to look for another company.

    Joe - 11 months ago

    I received an email that stated one of my accounts was cancelled due to my request. I never requested a cancellation so called Lifelock to discuss with them. I never got a representative that I could understand. Their reps are obviously in some foreign country that thinks they can speak English. I called 4 times and on the last call asked to speak to a supervisor or manager. Could not understand him either. Will cancel my plans as soon as I find another company to deal with.

    Kenneth Kauffman - 11 months ago

    I just completed a survey requested by LifeLock. After completion a attempted to login to my account and received error message that either ID or PW was incorrect which is not true as I keep written records of that information. That is the second time in one year that has happened. It's frustrating, timewasting, and upsetting. Also, my bank notified me when my card info was being unlawfully used by someone several states away - not LifeLock

    distress customer - 11 months ago

    Call this company regarding my services. No one can seem to comprehend a simple question, could not get a simple response, and I was being transferred from representative to repesentative. They are supposed to be trusted but I am really scared after my experience.

    Daniel Beverly - 11 months ago

    I am very disappointed in their customer service: 1) They have no email address that I can send an email to. 2) They have customer reps that are very difficult to deal with: a) They speak with such a foreign accent that it is hard to understand them; b) They refuse to let us speak with a manager; c) They put us on hold for interminable amounts of time; d) Each time they get back on the phone with us again, they put us through a whole repeated regimen of security information to verify we are who we say we are; e) They seem to have no emotion - no compassion or sympathy for our frustration; true, they do not get angry, but - like robots - they show no concern or care either - zilch, nada, niente! f) They don't answer our questions - they just spout irrelevant information like a machine - whether we want the info or not 2). The company raises the rates without asking if we want to continue with them at the new rates; CONCLUSION: it is impossible to communicate with this company as long as they make us speak with people who we cannot understand, who do not care about our time, our problems, our frustrations, or our money! Please stay away from this company!

    John Hicks - 11 months ago

    What a disappointment this once great service has become. I have been using them for over a decade and their customer service has absolutely flatlined. It is next to impossible to get anyone on the phone for even the most simple of service or account requests. I shudder to think of how hard it would be to contact them if I had an actual credit/identity theft emergency. I have been trying to update my account information for over a month now and have been unsuccessful both online and by phone. I keep getting the same failure code and extremely dismissive and unhelpful replies for their account managers. In short, LifeLock is total garbage and I intend to cancel all of my business with them if I can ever reach a representative. Very sad.


    • $1M Identity Theft Insurance
    • Credit Monitoring
    • Dark Web Monitoring
    • Bank Account Takeover Monitoring
    • SSN Alias Watch
    • 24/7 365 Support
    • Dedicated Case Managers
    • Online Identity Dashboard
    • Mobile Application

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