What are Credit Theft Alerts?

What are Credit Theft Alerts?

With massive volumes of information being exchanged over the internet, coupled with the threat of viruses, malware and eavesdropping hackers, it’s no wonder that identity theft is a major concern for both the public and business sectors.

By falsely using stolen personal and financial details – obtained either on or offline – fraudsters can carry out a myriad of offenses, including impersonation, renting accommodation and opening new bank accounts. But with identity theft lingering in the back seats of our minds, how can we become more diligent in combating this type of crime?

Luckily, there are a number of renowned Identity Theft Protection services on the market. Many of these companies provide an array of intuitive, peace-of-mind features for users eager to keep a vigilant eye on their bank account and credit card activities – in other words, their ‘data life’.

Credit Theft Alerts – a chief weapon of any big-time Identity Theft Protection app – is a can’t-live-without feature that works around the clock, scanning for and detecting a wide range of suspicious/unusual activities. In the event of detection, the user will be instantly alerted, either via a convenient service smartphone app, or by email, text or call.

Sophisticated detection technology is capable of scanning millions of transactions every second, making Credit Theft Alerts (also known as Fraud Alerts) a strong ally in the fight against identity theft. Furthermore, once a user has confirmed a flagged threat, they’ll be able to quickly report the incident to a support member.

Thankfully, lousy customer support has long become an issue of the past, and these days you’d certainly be hard-pushed to find a top identity theft protection service lacking. Many offer varied channels for both emergency reporting and general information, including 24/7 phone support and instant-chat.